Have You Ever Considered Ways to Increase Your Memory, Focus, Mood & Baseline Productivity Level?

Are You Genuinely Interested in Learning About Nootropics but Still Have Your Doubts?

If Yes, Read on:

How Nootropics Will Benefit You:

  • Discover the Right Nootropics that will Enhance Your Mood, Memory, Focus & Motivation.
  • Perform better at work, college or at home boosting your baseline productivity level.
  • Get More Things Accomplished Throughout Your Day by Sharpening Your Focus.
  • Do you suffer from a low mood, depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, poor sex drive or aches & pains? Nootropics can help.
  • Intensify your Focus - Immerse Yourself in Clarity.
  • >>> Maximize Your Potential <<<

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What is the most effective way to track your cognitive health?


  5 Free Metric Websites to Track & Advance your Cognitive Nous (While Using Nootropics)

Note - Before you start:

If you want to identify ways in which you will be most productive then you should measure your M.O – Method of Operation.

This is called the Kolbe A Index test which takes just 20 minutes and need only be taken once as Kolbe state your innate abilities will not change overtime.

Kolbe Corp provide validated assessments helping you to understand your conative strengths - stemming from the Latin conatus, meaning any natural tendency, impulse, striving, or directed effort - and to see how they fit into your work, relationship or team play.

You don’t need to be fulltime professional to gain the most from the Kolbe A Index test, rather identifying your natural strengths and talents can be crucial during school years specifically.

Whether for personal or professional advancement, it can lay bare your child’s potential development, allowing you to identify the natural way he or she takes action, helping you tap into their M.O and become a more effective parent, allowing them to excel their likelihood of school success while changing the family dynamics.

Kolbe does not measure your thinking or how smart you are - i.e your IQ, or your feelings –often interpreted as your personality, rather it measures your observable behaviors driven by instinct.

Unbiased of gender, age or race it produces a four-number result representing your natural way of taking action through 4 different behavioral patterns:

1. Fact Finder − gathering and sharing information
2. Follow Thru − arranging and designing
3. Quick Start − dealing with risk and uncertainty
4. Implementor − handling space and tangibles

You can read more here at their Kolbe A Index page - www.kolbe.com/pages/get-your-kolbe-a-result/

5 free cognitive measuring websites:

Note – Before attempting either of the 5 sites challenges it would appear they are more user friendly and responsive (enabling you to act faster through touch) on a tablet or mobile device, as opposed to a notebook or desktop – which requires keypad or mouse interaction.

The following sites are therefore designed for people trying to improve their mental speed and accuracy at which they are currently at, their ability to recall, remain attentive and advance their baseline productivity level – not necessarily with the use of some nootropic/s.

So unlike trying to lose weight, your ability to track whether what is happening upstairs is improving or not through a set of regular mind challenges, (plus whether assisted by one or more nootropic) might seem a tad complex.

Therefore: re nootropics - it would be in your interest to conduct results based experiments with and without the use of a nootropic, using the same games (which obviously randomize/never repeat the same exact activity once but with conditions closely replicated), to gauge your overall level of improvement.

As of 02/09/16, here are 5 of the following free online cognitive health measuring tools with a wealth of strategic brain games that you can currently use, which you can revisit at any time allowing you to measure your progress and generate a full cognitive profile of your abilities.

1. Cambridge Brain Sciences

http://www.cambridgebrainsciences.com/ - Note: Check instructions first for best results

With Cambridge Brain Sciences, they allow you to take one free test from each test category without registering, or you get access to all their goodies simply by opening a free account.

Memory - http://www.cambridgebrainsciences.com/play/monkey-span-ladder

Divided into 4 categories, Memory (4), Reasoning (4), Concentration (3) and Planning (3) you may begin with the Memory test - also called the “monkey span ladder”, which requires you to recall a series of boxes with numbers in which then disappear, requesting you to click on the boxes from 1 to 5,6,7,8 etc until after 3 failed attempts, and you are scored on a barometer to your right.

Reasoning http://www.cambridgebrainsciences.com/play/grammatical-reasoning

Using your ability to reason about relationships among different shapes and objects, you have 90 seconds to complete the task as accurately and as fast as possible.

You are showed 2 objects with a statement above – simply click true or false.

First time round it may soon make you realize there are some cobwebs up there which need dusting off!

Concentration - http://www.cambridgebrainsciences.com/play/rotation-task

The concentration test maps your ability to mentally rotate objects, where 2 boxes appear each filled with red and green squares. If rotated would they be identical or not. You click Match or Mismatch.

Rather like figuring out a rubric’s cube, straight off the bat it might be in your interest to run with it intuitively – perhaps that’s how it’s best approached, again, you have 90 seconds.

Planning - http://www.cambridgebrainsciences.com/play/spatial-slider

How good are you at planning ahead? Measuring your brains special planning ability, again – this feels incredibly like lining up the colours on that world famous 3 dimensional solid shape with 6 equal sides – but at least they’re 2 dimensional.

2. Cognifit

In their words: CogniFit precisely measures and trains each individual's cognitive skills

So without going into the detail of every specific cognitive measuring tool Cognifit provide, for the purpose of this review, they provide an extensive range of free tools to track your cognitive profile areas for Coordination, Reasoning, Memory and Perception while others cost – being neuropsychological assessments and brain training test programs for:

Cognitive Driving
Dyscalculia Cognitive
General Cognitive Assessment

Such programs are not solely intended for individuals but also as a way to manage patients, your family, students or for research – each with separate licenses reflected in the price.

3. Cognitive Fun

Cognitive Fun seems a smallish active community where you can learn your mind and play it too!

Less of a business like feel to perhaps Cognifit, it has fewer resources, but with no paid options to speak of.

Here you get to register your improvement scores, where the top 25 are listed openly on the site.

Their tests cover:

Attention (4)
Perception (2)
Executive (2)
Item span (2)
Memory (2)
Experimental (2)

App Store

Google Play

4. Brain Workshop


Brain Workshop is a free open-source version of their dual n-back brain training exercise - a free professional-grade brain training exercise – where your task is to find a match of the current position of an image to the position shown one or two steps earlier, and the same goes for auditory letters. Just listen and try to remember the letters from the previous path. See here: http://brainscale.net/dual-n-back/training

Here’s a Wired Article with a quick tutorial here - http://brainworkshop.sourceforge.net/tutorial.html

You can download it right now for free here - http://brainworkshop.sourceforge.net/download.html

Their forum/Google Group lists close to 3000 topics and is very active and free to just jump straight in with a Google account. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/brain-training

5. Quantified Mind


The Quantified Mind is “free online cognitive optimization platform” which allows you to:

1. Learn about how your brain works

2. Take short, fun tests

3. Join experiments

4. Help make discoveries

You will need a Google Gmail account to proceed with the tests where you set up a username and are then directed to the tutorials page which is where the fun starts!

Your home screen allows you to pick experiments – the first beginning with a time of day conundrum: are you at your height in the morning or afternoon, discover for yourself so you can prearrange your day catering for the most cognitively strenuous tasks; or for the more venturesome – take tests based on sex, breakfast one day on - one day off, meditation or the influences of coffee.

The Quantified Mind’s coding test is one such task that requires you to match symbols to their corresponding codes. Tuck yourself away in a stress free environment, relax and have fun – there is no failing, just try and follow as accurately as you can. Much like an astronaut preparing years in advance, you will simply improve through time, application and desirably a healthy lifestyle!

Note to self: It’s important you remember to click “save this result” upon completion.

Additional resources:

Gbrainy (free): A brain teaser game designed to keep the swede in tune and tickity boo! Contains: logic puzzles, mental calculations, memory trainers and verbal analogues.

Iqmindware (free & paid): Update coming soon...

IQ Augmentation (free): Free to download here.  Includes IQ Tests, Mensa, Intelligence Augmentation, Free eBooks and tutorials

Brain Cross Training (free): Free to download here. Contains resources on intermittent fasting, nootropics, HIITs, computer-based training, meditation, neurofeedback, and a lot more.