Have You Ever Considered Ways to Increase Your Memory, Focus, Mood & Baseline Productivity Level?

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How Nootropics Will Benefit You:

  • Discover the Right Nootropics that will Enhance Your Mood, Memory, Focus & Motivation.
  • Perform better at work, college or at home boosting your baseline productivity level.
  • Get More Things Accomplished Throughout Your Day by Sharpening Your Focus.
  • Do you suffer from a low mood, depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, poor sex drive or aches & pains? Nootropics can help.
  • Intensify your Focus - Immerse Yourself in Clarity.
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Schizandra Berries to Treat Anxiety & Boost Mood


Schizandra Berries for anxiety and moodAs published on PubMed – Schisandra Chinensis can help exert an anti-stress effect on the central stress response system or HPA axis, as was observed in March 2016, after rats were subjected to psychological and physical stress through treadmill exertion.

It’s not uncommon also to observe a number of threads and posts on the popular Nootropic forums that in one such case report this Chinese herb to specifically display not just reduced stress and enhanced cognition nootropic qualities, but increased femininity – not so much estrogen levels but compassion and motherliness, a little bit similar to Tongkat Ali.

If ever there is a molecule to induce sensations of love and compassion, it would be this  – as one Nootropic user observes, and while it appears to display adaptogenic properties – non-specific remedies that can increase resistance to a broad spectrum of harmful ailments  – similar to Rhodiola or Ashwagandha, its whole kindness increasing aspect “seems very unique”.

Chinese medical practitioners have for Dynasty’s considered Schizandra berries as one of the 50 fundamental herbs  – a fruit born from the deciduous woody vine native to forests of Northern China and the Russian Far East – where it is believed to act as an astringent for the Qi – the active principle forming part of any living thing , breath, air or gas, the life-force or energy flow – arresting excessive sweating from deficiency of yin or yang, calming the spirit by refreshing the heart and kidneys, and generating body fluid and reducing thirst.

Schizandrol A

Schizandrol-A is an anti-anxiety extract derived from the Chinese herb Schisandra Chinensis and is shown when taking a dosage as small as 50 mg to boost energy activity.

However, do not be reeled in to the price range of products on Amazon for example, as Schizandrol A can be had for as little as $3 – not your standard $35 rate others may charge.

Schizandrol A as reported in the comments section at PowderCity by one reviewer – an online retailer whose current price is listed at $3.09 – argues it increases natural dopamine levels without screwing with your receptors.

Dopamine turnover may indeed increase in the brain, where dosing at 50mg should work well, while 100mg may produce stronger stimulatory effects.

Taken for a general boost to get through a hard day or to get more out your exercise regimen, Schizandrol A in bulk form may be the perfect low toxicity natural stimulant to start your day, with or outside of caffeine or other nootropic additional supplements.  

Schizandra A’s key roles:

Prevent and treat liver problems

Improve heart function

Relieve coughing & wheezing

Get the most out of exercise performance

Better brain function Skin nourishment


Schizandra Berry positives:

green tick It may tweak your olfactory system – causing increased sensitivity to sweet aromas

Fantastic for detoxifying your liver green tick

May increase clarity of mind, improve speech fluency & body coordination green tick

Can take as little as 20 minutes to kick in green tick

Focus & drive may improve green tickPotential caffeine replacement

green tickMay contribute to wakefulness without speediness or jitteriness


Schizandra Berry negatives:

red crossYou may feel quite drowsy

red cross Due to lack of understanding not to be used when pregnant

red cross Overdosing may result in restlessness and insomnia, dyspnea or gastrointestinal side effects

red cross Not an effective alternative to Aderrall or Modafinil