Have You Ever Considered Ways to Increase Your Memory, Focus, Mood & Baseline Productivity Level?

Are You Genuinely Interested in Learning About Nootropics but Still Have Your Doubts?

If Yes, Read on:

How Nootropics Will Benefit You:

  • Discover the Right Nootropics that will Enhance Your Mood, Memory, Focus & Motivation.
  • Perform better at work, college or at home boosting your baseline productivity level.
  • Get More Things Accomplished Throughout Your Day by Sharpening Your Focus.
  • Do you suffer from a low mood, depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, poor sex drive or aches & pains? Nootropics can help.
  • Intensify your Focus - Immerse Yourself in Clarity.
  • >>> Maximize Your Potential <<<

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The “Brain Workshop” – One Excellent Free Brain Training Tool

The brain workshop is a free downloadable piece of open source software that is one of the vanguards of cognitive training tools available on the net that can help you crank up your efficiency upstairs through a series of brain training exercises.

With the regions of the brain broken down onto 6 parts: frontal, parietal, occipital, cerebellum, temporal - lobes and the brain stem, the brain workshop aims to improve your working memory - the prefrontal cortex and fluid intelligence - left prefrontal cortex, left temporal cortex and left parietal cortex including the areas that connect them, with tasks involving remembering a sequence of spoken letters and square positioning’s, and identifying matches through previous sequences.

With game conditions closely replicated so as to help recreate specific brain training exercises, there are also extended game modes available such as the Triple-N Back and Arithmetic-N Back that anechdotal evidence suggests may help treat symptoms of ADHD and ADD, with features that also include statictic tracking, graphs and configurability.

Here’s a quick online tutorial - http://brainworkshop.net/tutorial.html

With over three quarters of a million downloads since its release in 2008, Dual N-Back run an active open Google Group forum at  with popular topics ranging from whether brain training may prevent dementia, to a thread from a psychology graduate who is conducting research on behalf of forum members who would like certain studies carried out.

So just to give you an idea, here is the creator playing Dual-3 Back, so with every three items that are presented to you – you have to pay attention to any overlapping stimuli: position (press A for match), sound (press L for match). Every time you see a sound or position match, hit the spacebar.

Scoring 80% plus raises your overall level, while 50% lowers it, with all scores tracked.

Personalizing your adjustments helps solidifies in your mind the kind of program’s that you have to go through, and as you proceed you will begin to see new horizons in your focus, your ability to manipulate info, and the ability to recognize coincidental sequences in every day stimuli.

You can play around with different modes, where it’s suggested that the quadruple-N back is the most challenging – here you have to deal with matching 4 stimuli during one exercise!

You can download the Brain Workshop here - http://brainworkshop.net/download.html