Have You Ever Considered Ways to Increase Your Memory, Focus, Mood & Baseline Productivity Level?

Are You Genuinely Interested in Learning About Nootropics but Still Have Your Doubts?

If Yes, Read on:

How Nootropics Will Benefit You:

  • Discover the Right Nootropics that will Enhance Your Mood, Memory, Focus & Motivation.
  • Perform better at work, college or at home boosting your baseline productivity level.
  • Get More Things Accomplished Throughout Your Day by Sharpening Your Focus.
  • Do you suffer from a low mood, depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, poor sex drive or aches & pains? Nootropics can help.
  • Intensify your Focus - Immerse Yourself in Clarity.
  • >>> Maximize Your Potential <<<


Do You Want To Maximize 
Your Potential?

Are you worried about trying nootropics even though you'd
honestly like to Improve "Yourself"?

​Are you genuinely interested in delving into the world of Nootropics, looking at ways you may increase your drive each day or focus or ability to retain more info with greater clarity, but fear that taking what some people call "smart drugs" will mess with your head - maybe permanently?

Maybe you're a student, work from home or face an intense professional environment each day and have considered trying to up your game a little?

Hi there, my name's Rob Carmichael and the author of Nootropics for Newbies, and for quite sometime now I've been looking at ways to improve or basically increase my daily output, what I now know is called your "baseline productivity level".

A little bit about myself: For the last 3 years I've been working from home trying to make it at affiliate marketing and in terms of what I was getting accomplished each day, my susceptibility or weakness I should say to kick back or find alternative things to do - anything but getting on with the task in hand - was seriously getting in the way of what I wanted to achieve on  a daily and weekly basis.

I'd read the odd article and even seen the film Limitless (albeit far fetched by today's standards of nootropics), to know that such brain supplements did exist but I still remained skeptical and unsure of their potential and whether or not they were simply trumped up placebo pills. 

But my intrigue persisted, however the problem I faced in the beginning was that I didn't know anyone personally who I could rub shoulders with who actually took these supplements, plus I didn't feel comfortable about raising the topic of nootropics with people close to me, so for me I took to the online communities over at reddit and longcity, the two largest nootropics forums for noots (nootropic user's) respectively.

Here I found people from both venues to be extremely helpful where some went way out of their way to try to help me get to the bottom of which nootropic best suited me, advising me on the correct "stack" (two or more nootropics), that could help me achieve the exact cognitive enhancement I was after, specifically -  keeping "in the zone" for longer periods of time without any repercussions on my health - thus given the heads up of where to try and buy modafinil in this case.

That said however, the advice soon became quite overwhelming, with one person from one forum recommending one nootropic, then others soon commenting in disagreement, forcing you to do your own homework - as you always should - to find out more about the recommended nootropic and dosage in question.

That has since lead me to spend the last ten months researching the world of these fascinating brain enhancing compounds, learning for example how Russian astronauts on the International Space Station use Phenylpiracetam to enhance their mental and physical performance at different stages during space flight, positively affecting their accuracy, operating in activities at higher speeds, without compromising decision making in extreme conditions. 

Hear what others are saying:

"Crikey - you've put a lot of work into this - it's a great compendium! Excellent value. Well done and thank you very much :)"
- Jackie Fox (From Facebook Nootropics Group )

From improving cognitive performance, physical skills, memory retention to somatic issues, astronauts aren’t the only ones it turns out benefiting from Phenylpiracetam: soldiers, military personnel and once athletes too take it as it can be used as both a mental and physical energy booster, promoting your body’s natural production of dopamine - one of the neurotransmitters that makes us “feel good" - which is why we get the “runner’s high”.

Uncovering Phenylpiracetam​ which derives from the Racetam family of Nootropics, the penny soon began to drop and it became apparent through research that there were really just 3 families of nootropics all with a different MOA - Mechanism Of Action, one for cognitive enhancement, one which acts as a wakefulness/alertness agent and the third for memory.

It also became clear during research that a true nootropic is NOT a "smart drug".​
Some do flirt the line but as listed and detailed in this book, a nootropic supplement must adhere to 5 positive health criteria, one of which states it must: "safeguard the brain against physical/chemical injuries inflicted from barbiturates & scopolamine", clearly a rule no "smart drug" abides by.
​More genuine surprise also arose when I discovered that Nootropics are now being used to treat not just a mood lacking in motivation, focus or an inability to recall data, but ADD, ADHD, joint pain, anxiety, depression and even sex drive, while they are becoming a popular alternative to prescription drugs but free from the dependency and the depression side-effects that prevail through the long-term use of medication drugs.

Due to their extremely low toxicity levels, Nootropics are now providing the solution to many of these cognitive ailments, which is exactly what this book explores, detailing the precise nootropic currently being used to target these health issues.

​With the wealth of science that expands the last 30 years plus into the field of Nootropics which is heavily concentrated on enhancing cognitive thought and behavior - this is central to the theme of "Nootropics for Newbies", backed up by scientific research, allowing you to unearth just which cognitive function or MOA - whether motivation, memory or learning skills for example - can be improved through which particular nootropic or nootropics that are both safe and come highly recommended as sourced from the latest medical data and online nootropic user review threads of 2016. 

"Drawn from ten months of research, personal testing and valuable user reviews left on hundreds of websites, blogs & forums"

So are you interested in Nootropics but don't have a clue where to start?

Designed especially for people new on the scene looking for a breeze-free introductory learning experience into the fascinating world of these new brain enhancing supplements.
Whether it's a lack of daily drive, motivation, focus, whatever you want to call it or your inability to recall information essential for your studies or job - certain types of Nootropics can provide the answer here, free of any side-effects.

Nootropics are NOT about short-term results which screw you over long-term.

"Nootropics are about Safely Raising Your Baseline Productivity Long-term"

Understandable Key Concerns you may have before choosing to delve into Nootropics:

Are Nootropics or Smart Drugs honestly safe?

Will Nootropics seriously make me smarter?

Will they affect my brain development?

Can I become addicted?

What specific Nootropic should I take?

"Are You Ready to Step Up
into the Big League?
If Not Now, When?"

Most People Hinder Themselves for NO Reason because
They Never Face Up To Their Uncomfortable Daily Battles, so why:

  • Struggle finishing projects?
  • Wallow in an unproductive mood?
  • Not allow yourself to raise your motivation?
  • Spend time procrastinating when you don't have to?
  • Battle with social-confidence?
  • Endure negative thoughts?
  • Doubt your own abilities?
  • Suffer brain fog?
  • Have difficulty concentrating?
  • Stay dismally anhedonic?
  • Feel anxious?
  • Be racked with exhaustion?
  • Have trouble directing your attention?
  • Exclude witnessing euphoria, the vividness of colors & extra-sensory perceptions?
  • Deny a sense of well-being?
  • Dismiss your creativity?
  • Get a fraction of your objectives accomplished each day?
  • Grapple with clear thoughts?
  • Have trouble settling into a decent sleeping pattern?
So Why Don't We Treat Ourselves Well?
My general view is that having the fundamentals in place is the most important thing - diet and sleep, but interestingly I found that the effects of nootropics motivated me to get these things in place again.

See,  when you don't feel good it's hard to get the motivation and remember what it feels like to dominate your day.

What I mean is the amazing clarity of thought and motivation I felt reminded me what it feels like when you have your diet and sleep in check + a little bit more.

This sounds kind of cheesy but they really have helped me get started on a positive upward spiral of motivation.

By choosing to learn about Nootropics, the benefits are endless:

Maximize Your Potential

Maximize your potential in life - why hold back?

We all know life is short, which we endlessly drum into ourselves the more so as we get older. Why not teach yourself about Nootropics and allow yourself to grow your skills & productivity exponentially as fast as possible?

Get Projects

Are you tired of taking forever to get a project finished?

There are a few all-natural Nootropics you just really can't pass up if procrastinating is your Achilles heal.

An elevated mood, the urge to do something productive, the general stuff you are doing just looks more interesting, where at the end of office work hours you feel no tiredness. Side-effects sound good right?

Be a Better

Feel amazing, be incredibly alert, allow your actions and speech to feel swift and calculated, sound enticing?

Seriously, these are just some of the effects that taking Nootropics can deliver. They can be a game-changer for becoming a much happier, nicer & more productive person.

Reddit.com/nootropics | eduardobrazil

I work full day and study all night. So I have little time in the week days to do other things that are important for me such as reading, meditating and going to the gym.

Since I started college a few years ago, I always tried to conciliate these activities, but it has always been tough, and I never had true success. I also had problems with my sleep cycles too.

But now I can wake up at 6a.m, go to the gym or reading and meditating in alternate days, work full day with high motivation. I am taking lots on at work in my company, and consequently gaining more responsibility and trust. I also study Mandarin, and I find it very hard. Now the vocabulary studies and 发音 (pronunciation) became a little easier.

I am already thinking in starting a new language in parallel. In my scant free time, I don't f#ck around. I use every second of it to do things that are important for me.

What Nootropics for Newbies Will Do for You:

Introducing You to the World of these Fascinating Brain Enhancing Compounds, I Promise You When You Know Which Nootropics Will be MOST Beneficial for You, You Will NOW have the Ability to Maximize Your Potential in Life!


Chapter 1. 

An Introduction into Nootropics

# What are Nootropics?
# 5 Criteria a Nootropic Must Meet
# Those Who Most Use Nootropics?
# Shattering the Illusion
# Difference between Smart Drugs & Nootropics
"Nootropics won’t transform you from a regular debater into a brilliant polemicist overnight but they can help you get more things accomplished throughout the day by sharpening your focus and heightening your baseline productivity level."

Chapter 2

Chapter 2. 

3 Key Nootropic Families

# 1. Racetam Family
# 2. Eugeroic Family
# 3. Cholinergic Family
# Vitamins, Minerals & Nutrients for Cognitive Enhancement
"While there is much jiggery-pokery in the field of alternative health, there is also rock solid evidence to support vitamin intake for brain health, specifically for mood, motivation, clarity and alertness".

Chapter 3.

Nootropic Benefits: The Studies

# 1. Piracetam Study
# 2. Toxicity Trials
# 3. Stroke, Dementia & Brain Trauma Studies
# Why our brain needs Choline
# Why our brain needs Vitamins & Supplements
"The nootropic sulbutiamine may be considered the ultimate Thiamine nootropic, where it has a more advanced ability to cross the blood-brain barrier – the filtering mechanism of the capillaries that carries blood to the brain and spinal cord tissue – helping to treat asthenia – a lack of energy – and improve impaired memory".
Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 4. 

Science behind Racetams

# Increasing Membrane Fluidity
# Increasing Mitochondrial Function
# Aniracetam’s Efficacy
  • Mitigate stress-induced structural changes in the brain
  • Enhance mood long-term
  • Improve intellectual performance

Chapter 5. 

Nootropics Medicinal Benefits

# Nootropics for Depression & Anxiety
# Nootropics for ADD and ADHD
# 5 Nootropics for Increasing Sex Drive
# 3 Excellent Nootropics for Pain Relief
# Nootropics for Joint Pain
"Phenibut is an anxiolytic supplement which can help relieve stress and promote a positive mood, but when it comes to orgasms, users have spoken of experiencing “full blown body orgasms with waves of profound euphoria”. [25]"
Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 6. 

Nootropics Vs Prescription Drugs

# Nootropics Vs Anti-Depressants
# Nootropics Vs Anti-Anxiety Medication
# Nootropics Vs Stimulants
One key criteria a nootropic must meet is for it to be “free of typical pharmacology found in other psychotropic drugs with few side effects plus extremely low levels of toxicity” - unlike prescription drugs where dependency, depression and/or anxiety, low fatigue and impaired cognition may prevail through long-term use.

Chapter 7.

Nootropic Side Effects

# 8 Steps to lower risk of adverse nootropic reactions
As Dr. Cornelius E. Giurgea argued, 2 of the 5 criteria a supplement must meet in order to be coined a “nootropic” are that they should “safeguard the brain against physical/chemical injuries inflicted from barbiturates & scopolamine” and “be free of typical pharmacology found in other psychotropic drugs with few side effects and with extremely low levels of toxicity”.
Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 8. 

Art of Stacking Nootropics

# Most Basic Stack
# More Interesting Stack
# More Advanced Stack
# Additional + Further Additional Stacks
# All Stacks designed for specific MOA
Stacking brain supplements has become quite an art form over the years where in fact it’s quite rare nowadays to use just one nootropic brain booster on its own, since the benefits may significantly increase when multiple nootropics are combined.

Chapter 9. 

Nootropics Common FAQ’s

# How should I decide which nootropic to take?
# Can I start stacking right away?
# What’s the best way to track my cognitive function when using nootropics?
# Is it safe to use prescription drugs with nootropics?
# Alcohol & nootropics?
and more...
First you need to decide what part of you you would like to treat or improve, i.e attention,  memory,  anxiety,  reasoning, focus or wakefulness.
Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 10. 

How to Choose the Right Nootropic?

# Do you find it hard staying awake even when performing your favorite hobby, whether at school, university, work or at home?

# Are you looking to enhance your cognitive abilities, particularly with regards to memory & concentration over an extended period of time?

# Are you suffering from anxiety or depression and are in need of some mood boosting?
With nootropics many say you will have to experiment before you arrive at your true destination, but by engaging in a little research, self-analysis and by answering the following questions - this will help you make the right choice from the get-go.

Chapter 11.

3 Reliable Suppliers

This by no means is an upsell and you are obviously free to choose where to purchase your nootropics but as a heads up it’s vital that you buy from a store that has an excellent reputation for selling high grade Nootropics that are great value for money and deliver stellar customer service.
Finding all-3 qualities can be frustrating at the start but from our own research, personal testing and valuable user reviews sourced from hundreds of feedback comments left online, we've ground the list down to just 3.
Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 12. 

Summary of 2016's Nootropics, MOA & Standard Dose

# MOA: Focus & Attention 
# MOA: Memory
# MOA: Reasoning
# MOA: Anxiety mitigation/Mood
# MOA: Wakefulness/Alertness
Broken down into 5 groups, we've listed 2016's latest recommended nootropics specific to their MOA as well as their standard dosage - Always consult your local physician first.
Hear what others are saying:

"Awesome Rob, Thanks very much! I've been overwhelmed with info since starting Nootropics and this guide is just what I need. Appreciate your efforts for putting this together."
- Andrew Martinov (Brooklyn, New York, Member of Nootropics 2.0 Facebook Group )

"Very, very good read :). Tore into it and now much clearer on how to upgrade my A game - def recommend. Very concise and by far the most comprehensive and up to date reads out there. Congrats man!"
- Alin Samson (Works at Intesa Sanpaolo and G4S - From Official Nootropics Group)

"Just finished it, v nice guide, albeit I wouldn't recommend Adrafinil to be 'stronger' than Modafinil ... , just my take. Solid guide and became novel towards the advanced stacking stage - new to me anyways. Overall a good read and I'll be recommending it to a friend, thx!"
- Stephen Hartley (Saint Catharines, Ontario, Member of Facebook Official Nootropics Group)
How Nootropics have helped Reddit members...

Nootropics shine in the gym IMO. Really drops the blinders on, you get this heavy focus and nice background energy boost.


3 months so far. Nootropics have given me extra confidence, and more "pep". I'm more comfortable around people and overall less anxious. Tasks that were once boring or meaningless are now entertaining. I'm finding new ways to challenge myself. I am able to work ~20% longer without feeling burnt out. Cleaning the house is now very fun, and it turns into a game of sorts. Nootropics haven't replaced coffee, but now I can appreciate coffee for the flavor and not rely on it as a way to start my day (ie, quality over quantity now).


Going on 3 years myself and have had these "upgrades" for about that long. As an introvert I've never dealt with people with such ease in the workplace and have gained much respect in the process. Working non-stop for 12 hours has never been easier but still need that caffeine (coffee) boost here and there. I should consider a break from noots but really see no reason not to at this stage.


I can sit through a class and pay attention the whole time, take good notes, and actually learn. Never been able to effectively do that.


Nootropics have helped me accomplish more in lesser time because for the first time I can focus. Being able to focus and have the mental energy to get through the entire day with motivation is something that can be hard to do when your course work requires at least 5-6 hours of deliberate practice (I define this as where I focus completely on the task at hand; at understanding, recalling and perspectivization of the knowledge that I attain) every day.

"Better Yourself - Build a Better You"

I'm working 13 hours a day all days. Graduate student. With Nootropics I can buy groceries and prepare lunches, saving literally hundreds each month. Also makes me more motivated to bike to work because I feel like charging everywhere I go. So much energy, so much focus, so little crash.


One of the most pronounced effects: anxiety reduction and lack of subsequent depressive cycles. It's really helpful to be able to think about my emotions without being completely drowned by their previously-overwhelming effects. Supplementation has helped me sleep better, wake up more easily, stay awake more easily.


Through Nootropics I unveiled that I have ADHD-PI, taking a short-lived premade-stack opened my eyes and allowed me to focus for long duration of time, almost eliminated my social anxiety and gave me control of my executive decision-making for what seemed like the first time in forever. I eventually ran out, but having seen the dramatic improvement, lead me to research cognitive supplements, leading me to me uncovering the condition which had been with me all my life. The dots connected, and the lights went off.


Decade or so with them. Started due to early onset Alzheimer's symptoms. Now my memory is above average at the baseline. Sometimes I get considerably good at remembering things (faces, numbers, facts, events) due to whatever stack I happen to be running for a period.

Various personality traits have been and are being sculpted though I've still got a ways to go before I can honestly say I'm my optimal self. Don't get me wrong, I'm very satisfied with my growth.

There's just some ripe potential to be seized.I'm always trying to better myself these days. The hobby of thoroughly researching and experimenting with nootropics helped that become a major theme in my life.


Mainly, eliminated the awful side effects from the medication that controls my sleep disorder. Any extra effects (like increased sociability and motivation) could be down to either or synergy of both? Or just being awake more of the time. One things for sure though, without themI wouldn't be able to lead the great life I do now.

Besides that, getting invested and interested in nootropics has given me a great hobby that's actually lead me to learning some basic neuroscience, something I've always wanted to do.


Just over two months. I have dramatically fewer bad days. Most days the fog and fatigue I usually feel is either lifted or much more manageable. For thinking creatively or problem solving I feel quicker and more accurate.

21 Key Nootropic Benefits:
  • Boost motivation & clarity of thought allowing you to concentrate more freely
  • Improve & repair aspects of memory function, including working memory & recall
  • Support overall brain health with improved oxygen flow & maintenance of neurons & brain cells 
  • Keep brainwaves relaxed & more efficient
  • Calm nerves in your brain, improving sleep patterns
  • Amplify sensory perceptions, vividness of colors, crispness of sound, acute smell
  • Reawaken your creative spark
  • Empower your self-belief
  • Reduce & overcome social anxieties, stresses & depressive cycles
  • Prevent cognitive aging by reducing decline in plasticity
  • Improve your problem solving speed & accuracy
  • Gain greater confidence
  • Be more calculated in your actions
  • Pay attention longer
  • Increase your sociability
  • Dissipate negativity
  • Disperse brain fog
  • Boost energy & reduce fatigue
  • Sleep better - awake easier
  • Harness your talents
  • Lastly - Upgrade your baseline productivity level.

"Awesome guide - Thanks Rob!."

- Anne Hartory (Studied at Academy of Health Sciences at Fort Sam Houston)

Nootropics increased my social ease in crowds, groups, and especially work situations with bosses. Always wary before the boss or answering questions in a work group, now I speak up, more involved and feel they have reduced my general anxiety, plus, gave me a greater confidence overall. This effect remains with me, even without it. I used to sometimes loose track of the point I was trying to make. Now this never happens.

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"More Testimonials!"

"Cracking guide. Thanks for putting the hard yards in and making it easier for beginners like myself understand their history and know where to kick off. Excellent read. You've saved me weeks of research. Cheers!".

- Mike Dando (Cardiff, Wales - Co Owner at Data Powertools Ltd)

"Thanks Rob!. Been quite muddled if I'm honest with regards to how to take my motivation up a notch in the latter part of the day and your book  has cleared alot up - (also the nootropic section r.e the alternatives to medication prescriptions very useful for my mum!) Thanks."

- Martha Reynolds (Brixton, London - Children's Fashion Designer)

Start Learning Today How You Can Improve Your: Focus, Memory, Motivation, Mood, Speed at Which You Get Things Done & More ...

Seriously, why delay bettering yourself? 

In just a short time you can be operating at a more productive level, dominating your days, cracking on with projects you may have endlessly procrastinated over, applying yourself to a language course you've been putting off, having the clarity of mind that has alluded you since you can remember.

Nootropics are designed to help you get the best out of you. They kind of help you install self-discipline effortlessly, much like having a life-coach, but you get to up your creativity and drive seamlessly by yourself without somebody else having to kick you up the backside.

Don't worry - this beginners guide is for you to learn which Nootropics best suite your requirement upgrades. By no means feel it is pressurizing you into taking them but simply educating you in how - if you would like - you can start improving yourself from the get-go, to help you be an all-round better you.


I've been taking nootropics in the morning on and off with a strong coffee. I definitely feel a difference. A lot more motivation and less anxiety, also a strange visual sensation where I tend to see a lot more detail in things. There does seem to be a tension that I get but it feels like a "drive" rather than an anxiety if that makes any sense. I've been a long time user of supplements so for me the best things that have worked are Zinc + Vitamin B6 + a good multivitamin + caffiene + nootropics. 

  • Be Sharper, Clearer, Concise
  • Excel, Achieve, ADVANCE
  • Be The ULTIMATE "YOU!"

All for just:

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"If you have any issues opening the book, just get in touch with nootropics4newbies[at]gmail.com & we'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund."


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Do Nootropics actually work?

Are Nootropics Legal?

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